All Hunting Is Done On Foot, ethical Walk and Stalk.

Rifle Hunting: All hunting is done on foot in "The Spirit of Fair Chase". We take great pride in promoting the sport of hunting, enjoying the challenge of getting you in as close as possible offering the perfect shot. We back up wounded game with Terriers which is an adventure on its own.

The Eastern Cape with its great diversity in landscape and game is a true hunting paradise. There are probably few regions in Africa that can offer as much to the hunter.  
  Big 5 Hunting: Kubusi Safaris offers all the Big 5 in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  We have good concessions in Mpumalanga and North West Province for Hippo, Crocodile, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, White and Black Rhino and limited Leopard hunts. Our Lion hunting is done in the North West Province. This is a ranched hunt and is done ethically.  We quote individually on the Big 5 as the prices change monthly; we also have access to PAC (problem animal control) Big 5 animals. Contact us for quotes. 

BOW HUNTING: Spot and stalk is also a very productive way of bow hunting. Mountain meadows, Acacia veld, and grassy clearings are often the preferred habitat for species such as Impala , Blesbuck, Red Hartebeest, Warthog, Blue Wildebeest, and Zebra. Being a rather hilly and vegetated region, most parts of the Eastern Cape make good stalking grounds.

Game can often be observed from high vantage points with binoculars giving the hunter ample time to plan a stalk. Closing the distance from several hundred meters to under forty can often be very challenging and requires a fair amount of skill and patience, especially the last fifty meters. Bring kneepads! You will often be required to remove your shoes for the finals. We also have blinds to hunt from.    

Rifle Hire: 

For those who don't want the hassle of traveling with their own weapons, we have a selection of good calibers and optics to rent on a daily basis.
If you do want to travel with your own weapon, chat to your travel agent regarding which airlines are weapons carriers. 
You can also use our preferred VIP meet and greet services at Johannesburg or Cape Town International airports. They will clear your weapons for you and guide you through the whole process.
Contact Henry Durrheim  +27 83 379 7062.
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Packages and Trophy Hunting:

Please drop us an email requesting prices, we also custom make packages to suit your preferences and wish list.